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2d vs. 3D Signage

In the world of small business, few selling points are as critical as your signage. You might be trying to pull customers into your storefront, attracting them to your next open house or advertising your company on a billboard. Regardless of your purpose, you must tailor your signs to represent your company’s needs best. However, to make the most of your business’ signage, you need to determine first whether or not you require traditional signs or 3D business signs in McClain County, OK.

What is 3D signage?

Defining a traditional sign isn’t complicated. It’s a visual display of your company’s name, contact information and perhaps a few other details. Traditional business signs are printed and displayed on a flat surface. As you might suspect from the name, 3D business signs in McClain County, OK take things to the third dimension by including elements raised off the surface.

The goal of 3D signage is to make your signs more eye-catching and visually appealing. While both of those aspects hold allure for small business owners, it’s possible that 3D signage may not be right for your business. Luckily, a print shop expert can help you determine what’s right for your company.

2D or 3D signs?

Think of your signage as a bridge between you and your clients. The goal is to grab their attention and pull them in. When you’re strategizing about your sign type, you should consider some of the following factors:

  • Branding: Do raised letters or images reinforce your brand identity? If you’re going for something modern, 3D signage just might be perfect for your business.
  • Price point: As you might expect, a traditional sign tends to be more cost-efficient than 3D signage. If your advertising budget is a concern, a 2D sign might be best.
  • Amount of information: How much information does your sign need to convey? If you expect passersby to take in a significant amount of information in a short time, you might discover a traditional sign is easier to read. Traditional signage in McClain County, OK also tends to have more available room for your design.
  • Impact: Studies have shown that the impact of a 3D sign outweighs that of a traditional sign. When you opt for 3D, you have greater odds of improving your foot traffic.

Several components of your business type, size and budget will determine whether you should get a 3D or 2D sign. Before you make the choice, consider planning with help from a professional print shop. They can listen to your needs and design the perfect sign for your business.

Work with the best

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