What Is Window Perf?

When you’ve got large windows in your storefront, window perf signs in McClain County, OK can be a great solution. It’s also known as “see-through vinyl,” thanks to the small perforations throughout the material. This allows you to see out from behind the sign, while providing an attractive advertisement for your business from the front.

Are window perf vinyl decals in McClain County, OK right for your business? Read on to learn more about what window perf is and how it can benefit your store.

An overview of window perf

You’ve probably seen window perf before and didn’t know what it was called—it’s a popular solution for businesses and public transport. Window perf is a vinyl sign that has small, uniform holes perforated in it. The advertisement or photo is printed on the front, and the back is coated in adhesive. It’s then applied to the window.

Window perf allows you to see outside while partially blocking passersby’s view of the front. Light reflects off the printed image, so the viewer sees the image instead of looking through the window.

The larger the holes, the less printed area there is, and the easier it is to see inside the window. For example, a 70/30 window perf is a sign with 70 percent printable material, and 30 percent removed. The higher the first number, the more printable material is available. Which type you get will depend on your primary and secondary goals for the window perf.

Advantages of window perf
Wondering about the benefits of window perf? Here are some advantages of making the investment:

  • Attract attention: From an advertising standpoint, window perf is a great way to attract attention from passersby. You can use window perf to advertise sales, show your products in use or set the tone for the experience—for example, a travel agent may want window perf with a tropical island scene to get customers thinking about booking a vacation.
  • Add color: If you want to add color to your storefront without repainting the whole building, this is a smart way to jazz up your exterior. Combined with the advertising potential, window perf is a cost-effective way to achieve a new look.
  • Block light and heat: Summer is here, and with the intense sunlight comes oppressive heat. Are your utility bills spiking and your air conditioner working overtime? Window perf blocks a significant amount of light and heat, depending on the perforation size. This helps save on energy bills while still allowing you to see outside and enjoy the views.
  • Increase privacy: When your business hinges on or is enhanced by offering customer privacy, like healthcare practices, spas and gyms, window perf can provide additional seclusion. Since it’s difficult to see inside the building, your clients will feel more comfortable.

Ultimately, window perf in McClain County, OK is a great way to attract attention to your business while increasing your privacy. Since it’s completely customizable and cost-effective, you can invest in this form of advertisement as often as you need.

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