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Benefits of Yard Signs for Local Advertising

Yard signs are a fantastic way to conduct targeted local advertising, for everything from political campaigns to retail sales to special events and more. You don’t have to be a marketing professional to make the most of yard signs for local advertising in McClain County, OK. Where expensive methods like TV ads or social media campaigns require knowledge of marketing trends, demographic research and more, yard signs just require that you know your customers and your community. For on-site service providers especially, nothing gets your name out there like yard signage.

Sign It Up produces yard signs for roofers, gutter companies, landscapers, lawn treatment providers, construction firms and other businesses throughout McClain County, OK. Here are some reasons yard signs from our company are the perfect choice for local businesses in the area.

Name recognition where you need it

Small businesses tend to rely on customers who live within a five-mile radius of their location. While internet-based advertising might reach far more people than yard signs, it doesn’t matter if those people aren’t the ones who would be most likely to shop at your business. You know where your customers live, and can place yard signs where they will inevitably be seen by the people most likely to benefit from them. They can raise name recognition and create awareness for your business among the exact group you need them to reach.


Being so targeted is one thing that makes yard signs such a cost-effective form of local advertising, since you’re not wasting money reaching the wrong people with your message. But yard signs are also just far more affordable than most other forms of local advertising. Made of inexpensive materials, yard signs are way cheaper than billboards, direct mail campaigns, TV commercials and more.


Yard signs are easy to set up, which means they are also easy to move around. Lightweight and portable, you can set up your yard signs in high-traffic areas and then move them to others once you have developed name recognition there. They are a great, extremely affordable way to develop new audiences. Because yard signs are so affordable, they are also great for repeated local advertising campaigns for the same business. Make one sign, and then make more with consistent branding but new messages.


Though yard signs are inexpensive, they are also durable. Made with high-quality, low-cost materials, yard signs will last as long as you need them and continue to look great. Especially if your business is an on-site service provider, getting able to reuse yard signs is important. Roofers, landscapers, lawn care experts, construction firms and other businesses in McClain County, OK, can put their signs out while working on a particular job, collect the signs when they’re finished and reuse them over and over again.

Get the signage you need today

Reach out to Sign It Up for yard signs to meet your local advertising needs in McClain County, OK. We offer high-quality signage with quick turnarounds for all kinds of clients. With our years of experience, we can help you choose the yard signs that are right for you.

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