Five Things Political Car Magnets Can Accomplish

2020 is a big election year, with a lot at stake from the local to federal levels. If you’re running a city, county, state or federal campaign, you should consider political car magnets in McClain County, OK. While people might be hesitant to slap a bumper sticker on their car, car magnets are easily removable. Let your supporters do their part before the election, then remove the magnet afterwards. You’ll drum up a lot more support, and they won’t be stuck being a moving advertisement for years afterward—unless, of course, they want to be.

Here’s how political car magnets can help your campaign:

  • Get the word out around town: Local elections depend on residents boosting their preferred candidate with everything from car magnets to yard signs. We all know who the presidential candidates are, but who’s running for school board? Your political car magnet might be the first time someone sees your candidate’s name and associates them with the election.
  • Remind people to vote: Although most people will remember when presidential elections are taking place, less publicized election days might slip by the wayside. After all, everyone is busy these days, particularly with a pandemic, protests and global unrest in the news on top of our busy daily lives. Remind people that an election day is coming up by offering political car magnets in McClain County, OK.
  • Boost your name recognition: The more people see your candidate’s name and what they’re running for, the more likely they’ll be to remember that name when it comes time to cast their vote. Name recognition is a crucial part of political campaigning. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), not everyone does careful research into each candidate. Sometimes a perception of what’s popular is all that’s needed to sway their vote.
  • Sway opposition through social cues: Speaking of social perception, your friends, family and coworkers all have an impact on who you vote for. Studies have shown that people are more likely to trust the opinions of people they respect and spend time with, so using political car magnets will help use those social cues to elect your preferred candidate. The more visible your support is for one candidate or another, the more likely they will be to consider voting for that person.
  • Encourage others to express their views: Finally, exercising your First Amendment right to free speech is one of the greatest freedoms the Bill of Rights provides—and encouraging others to express their own opinions is the foundation of healthy political discourse. When you drive around with a political car magnet, you might be asking for some comments from people who disagree, but what better opportunity is there to open up a discussion? You might change their mind, or they might change your mind, but one thing is for certain: you’ll be exercising your rights.

When you need car magnets for your political campaigns in McClain County, OK, Sign It Up can help you design and print as many as you need. Call today to get started!

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