How Do I Design a Yard Sign?

A good yard sign can work wonders when it comes to promoting a political campaign, small business or upcoming sale. They also offer the perfect way to celebrate a recent graduate or married couple. To get people excited about any of those things, though, it’s first important to come up with a good yard sign design.

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I design a yard sign?” we’ve got you covered. Here are plenty of tips on designing the perfect yard sign for your needs.

Avoid overcomplicating things

With yard signs, it’s best to keep things simple. You don’t want to overcrowd the sign with a lot of words, or people will have trouble reading it. Most people recommend not going over five words. While this might not seem like a lot, you can easily get a message across in five words. Simply go with a phrase like “Vote for Jane Doe” or “Congratulations Graduates of 2021.”

Choose the right colors

You don’t want to choose similar colors, as this will make your sign hard to read. A sign with a red background and yellow letters, for example, will have people scratching their heads when trying to decipher what it says. Instead, go with contrasting colors, like white and black or purple and yellow. Usually, a good signage shop will help you avoid easy mistakes like choosing the wrong colors.

Choose the right message

Deciding what to put on your sign can sometimes be difficult. If you run a small business, you might be tempted to include a list of all the services your business provides, but this will end up overcomplicating your sign and making it hard to read. Instead, consider choosing one of the main services your business provides to put on the sign. Remember, you’ll also want to have enough room to include your business’s phone number.

Avoid hard-to-read fonts

It’s important to go with a font that matches the tone you’re trying to convey with your sign—but some fonts are harder to read than others. Be sure to avoid fonts that people are going to have to squint to read. Examples of good fonts to use include Helvetica, Franklin Gothic, Bodoni and Futura.

Add an arrow

Adding an arrow pointing to your event or business is a simple and effective way of drawing people in. It’s simple: If people don’t know where your event or business is, they may not be willing to try and find it. Make sure everyone knows how to get to your business or event by setting up a few signs that feature arrows pointing them in the right direction.

You can easily avoid making a simple mistake with yard sign design by following the tips mentioned above. The best way of getting a well-designed sign is by working with a top-quality signage company.

At Sign It Up, we have plenty of experts on staff to help you design the perfect yard sign. Contact us today to learn how our signs can promote your business, political campaign, etc.

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