How to Choose a New Business Sign

Business signage is an important aspect of your operations. The right signage can help promote your company and grow your business. On the flip side, the wrong signage can detract from your success or get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. When making a business sign in McClain County, OK, use the following tips to select the best sign for your purposes.

Look at location

Is your business in an industrial park? Will the sign be exposed to a lot of wind and rain? Will the sign be placed at ground level or in a high-rise setting? These factors related to location should help determine what materials and size you choose for your business signage in McClain County, OK.

Consider the tone

What type of business will the sign represent? When making a business sign, it’s essential to keep in mind the tone you want to set with the sign. For example, financial institutions typically feature different styles than small retail shops. For best results, keep your signs consistent with your branding and voice.

Set your budget

Business signage in McClain County, OK varies in price. Determine how much you can spend on your signage, as this will help determine which signage options are feasible for your business. Work with your local printers to learn more about the pricing options available to you.

Keep your hours in mind

What are your hours of operation? Will you need a sign that is illuminated at night? If you close at 5pm and there is little foot traffic in your area at night, an unlit sign might be a good option to reduce your costs for business signage.

Adhere to regulations

While you can get creative when making a business sign in McClain County, OK, there are certain signs that are required and must adhere to local and federal regulations. Be sure to check all requirements for your type of setting and include appropriate exit and restroom signs and any other signage that may be required.

Decide what’s new

If your business is undergoing renovations, you may want new business signage, or you may want to stick with your previous designs. Consider if you are trying to rebrand or update your look, or if consistency with your previous style is important.

Stick to the basics

As you are making a business sign, always keep basic signage goals in mind. While you want to create something that is attractive and long-lasting, you also want to ensure the sign accomplishes three main objectives: the sign should clearly advertise your company, it should be easy to read and it should tell people where to locate your business.

Choose quality signage

Since 2005, Sign It Up has been the go-to source for business signage in McClain County, OK. We offer high-quality signs, quick turnaround and a level of customer service that sets us apart from the pack. Get in touch with us today for expert input to create the perfect signage for your operations. We’re here to help at 405-392-3366.

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