How to Design Retail Signage

The signage you have on the front of your retail business can make a big difference in whether people passing by your storefront decide to stop in. But how do you know what makes for an effective sign?

Here are a few storefront signage tips that will help you maximize the potential of your retail signage.

Make sure people can read it

Signage doesn’t do a whole lot of good if it’s not legible. You should be able to easily read the sign both from close up and at a distance. This is especially important if you’re located in a busy area, such as along a highway or a busy road, where passersby need to be able to read and understand your sign in a matter of seconds.

Carefully analyze your sign and make sure it has appropriate clarity for a retail storefront. Avoid using cursive fonts, fonts that are too crowded or overly ornate, frilly fonts. Avoid overusing capital letters—studies show a mix of upper and lowercase letters is more readable than all caps. Finally, avoid putting in too many words, as this will make it harder to read in a short amount of time and will end up making the sign look too crowded.

Consider the style

The colors, font and images you use on your sign will all give a coordinated message about your business’s brand and personality. All the stylistic choices you make should coordinate rather than creating a jumbled, hodgepodge sort of appearance.

What type of personality do you want your brand to exude? You’ll need to know the answer to this question before you start developing any kind of signage.

Determine how you’ll stand out

In addition to your sign being legible and befitting of your brand, you also need to find a way to make it stand out so people actually look at it.

Location is the first thing for you to consider. Where will you place the sign? On the building façade? Above the building? On a signpost? Over an entranceway? In a glass storefront window? Whatever you choose, you should make sure your signage is in a place with maximum visibility.

You’ll also want to make sure whatever you do with your signage design is something that is unique from your competitors and other businesses in the immediate area and helps you to stand out. Consider what your immediate neighbors have done with their signage so you can set yourself apart, and don’t create any designs that are too similar to your competitors’ so you don’t accidentally confuse your customers.

Showcase your company

With your signage, be clear about the kind of work you do and what you are all about. Give some indication, either in words or in design, as to the kind of business you run. The stylistic choices you make with color, design, font and imagery can also help you portray your brand identity and mission.

For more information about how to design effective retail storefront signage, contact the team at Sign It Up today.

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