How to Use Yard Signs for Marketing

Anytime you’re running a local business or campaign, you need to pay attention to visual marketing. It’s very important to keep your company’s name in the forefront of potential customers’ minds, and yard signs can be very effective at accomplishing this.
When you need yard and roofing signs in McClain County, OK for marketing purposes, Sign It Up can help. Here’s a basic overview of how to design and create effective advertising through signage—and how you can reap the benefits.

Benefits of yard signs for marketing

They’re effective: Most importantly, yard signs are uniquely effective in getting the attention of local residents. You can expect great name recognition—which gets customers in the door—when you use yard signs in McClain County, OK. Just make sure that you get permission before putting them in anyone’s yard, because nothing sours a client relationship faster than someone feeling like they’re being used.

  • You can afford them: Yard signs, depending on their size and the number you order, can cost as little as $1 per sign. That makes them an extremely affordable type of advertising.
  • They’re easy to design and buy: Designing and buying yard signs is easier than ever—in many cases, you can submit your designs online and the printer will make sure you sent a suitable image before proceeding. Plus, with the number of graphic designers working online these days, you can find even more options from seasoned professionals, all at a reasonable cost.
  • They’re flexible advertising: Unlike television, radio and other ads, yard signs are always available. You can simply buy the desired number and distribute them any time of year.

How to market with yard signs

Put them in easy-to-see areas: To make sure you get the maximum number of eyes on your signs, make sure you place them in easy-to-see areas. For example, a campaign sign with a name and short tagline might be effective along high-speed roads, but for more detailed signs, place them where people might be stopping in their cars.

Include a call to action: If you want potential customers to call you, include your phone number. If you want them to visit you, say so and list your hours. It’s important to tell the customer what you want from them—otherwise you’re operating on name recognition alone.

Include your sign on social media: Finally, be sure to include photos of your signs on social media to complete your branding. When someone sees your sign on the road, they’ll automatically think of you and what you can do for them.

Get help with marketing signs in McClain County, OK

Your visual advertising is just as important as the product you put out, which is why making custom signs with Sign It Up is a smart choice for any business owner. We’ll work with you to make signs for just about any surface, including vehicle wraps, menu boards and more. When you need a great, eye-catching sign that’s bound to last, call us today. We can help you get just the right products for your business or campaign.

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