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Menu Board Design 101

Oftentimes, business owners spend so much time focusing on how to improve their products and services that they forget all about how important it is to invest in outreach to new customers. Branding and marketing are key to reaching new customers and impressing existing ones, but people who don’t have any graphic design background might have difficulty designing menu board signs. If you’re working on a new menu board design, keep reading for some helpful tips, tricks and advice to achieve the best outcome possible.

Tips and tricks for menu board design

If you’re trying to design new menu board signs, you might not know exactly where to start. To make the process easier, here are some of the best tips for designing effective, appealing menu board signs:

  • Go big: A lot of businesses make the mistake of choosing fonts and designs that are too small to be seen easily. The last thing you want is for your customers to have to squint and struggle while they’re trying to read your menu. Opt for a larger font that’s easy to see, even for customers who have vision problems.
  • Choose an appealing, on-brand color palette: Use your business’s existing marketing materials and branding to choose a color palette that looks great and makes sense for your brand. Complementary colors are always a good choice, but contrasting colors can be a good option if your goal is to achieve a bold, contemporary look for your menu board.
  • Consider simplifying pricing: The 99 cent model has been a core part of retail and restaurant sales for decades, but it might be time to rethink the old tradition of pricing everything at a figure that ends in 99. Most modern customers are used to rounding up when they read a price that ends in 99, so it’s unlikely that businesses can give customers the impression that they’re spending less than they actually are by deducting a penny from the total price. In addition, decimal pricing looks cumbersome and crowded on a menu. For a sleeker menu board, discard the decimals and keep things simple by rounding the price to the nearest dollar.
  • Keep things simple: Many business owners assume that having intricate designs, striking animation and other menu board features will appeal to customers, but these things can actually be more distracting than anything. Instead of crowding your menu board with lots of features and animation, keep things simple to create a sleek look that will appeal to your customers instead of overwhelming them.

Menu board design

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