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Tips for Banner Marketing

Banner marketing can be an effective way to promote your business or get the word out about your upcoming event. However, it’s important to use best practices for banner ad printing in McClain County, OK to achieve maximum results from your efforts. Ask yourself the following questions to get the best ROI from your investment in banner marketing.

Where will it hang?

Consider where your banner will be placed after it is printed before you decide on the design. Make sure the sizing is appropriate for the space, and choose a color scheme that will provide contrast with the surroundings.

What size font do I need?

A banner will be viewed from far away. You want to attract attention from a distance, so be sure to choose a font that is large enough to be legible from more than a few meters away. This rule goes for all text on the banner. If viewers can read the header but not important text below, your message will be lost.

What style font should I choose?

Numerous fonts are available to use for your banner marketing in McClain County, OK. While you may want to be creative, and definitely want to attract attention, be careful not to use a font that is too hard to read on a banner. You should also keep in mind the tone you want to set with your banner, to keep it consistent with your branding or event.

What information is necessary?

For banner ad printing in McClain County, OK, you want to keep the message short and sweet. People won’t read a long message on a banner. Stick to the basic information you need to share and avoid cluttering the banner with unnecessary text.

What graphics and photos should I include?

If you are going to include graphics or photos on your banner, always use high-quality images. These will attract more attention and will do a better job of sharing your message, with less accompanying text required.

What colors work best for my message?

Colors are associated with emotions. Consider what you want to inspire in your viewers, and choose colors for your banner marketing accordingly. For example, red is a powerful color that is typically associated with love, danger and anger. Yellow, on the other hand, is associated with humor and optimism. Certain colors are also easier on the eyes than others. To determine which colors are best for your messaging and setting, consult with experts at your local banner ad printing service.

Put your best banner forward

For the best results from your banner marketing in McClain County, OK, partner with the pros at Sign It Up. We can print anything you want on just about anything, no matter the size or shape. Our company works to provide you with high-quality banners, quick turnaround and the friendliest customer service team you’ll ever meet in the signage business. Reach us at 405-392-3366 to get started on your next banner ad printing project today. We look forward to working with you soon!

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