Tips to Make Your Signs More Noticeable

Outdoor signs and banners can play a huge role in attracting customers and getting your message out to the public. However, if you’re not strategic with your signage, your message might not make it to the right audiences, or it could be lost altogether. This post will cover some best practices to follow when designing and creating custom signs in McClain County, OK.

Color schemes

In theory, a sign with dozens of different colors would attract the eye. However, while people might notice it, they’re probably not going to follow through on your call to action with all of those colors. Use complementary color schemes when designing your sign to catch eyeballs and acquire customers. There are a few color schemes we recommend choosing from: triadic schemes, gradient schemes and split complementary schemes. Talk to our signage professionals about which one will be the best for your sign.


The only way to attract a customer with custom signs in McClain County, OK is by making them legible. Ensure your sign is easy to read by using direct, clear and concise messaging and readable fonts. Only use traditional typefaces for your sign. Additionally, your font size should follow the 10-by-1 rule, meaning one inch of letter height should be readable from 10 feet away.


A sign that’s only text is probably going to be pretty boring and won’t capture most people’s attention. In fact, only eight percent of individuals prefer an all-text sign to one with a graphic. Include a graphic on your sign to catch the reader’s attention, complement your text and brand your business. Just be sure your graphic doesn’t make the sign look too messy or confusing, as that will only hurt your business.


You can stand out from the competition by lighting up your signage! A sign with LED lighting displays your message 24/7, and makes it easy to read in even the worst weather conditions. Thanks to the higher ROI they can provide, illuminated signs are a lot more affordable than you might think. Talk to our specialists today about designing a beautifully illuminated sign for your business.

3D options

A flat, 2D sign can certainly attract customers, especially if it’s illuminated. However, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, give some thought to the possibilities offered by 3D signs in McClain County, OK. A custom 3D sign is sure to turn heads and get people to notice your business. When you work with Sign It Up, we’ll design your 3D sign to ensure it captures the attention of any passersby.


Following all of the advice above won’t help if your sign is in a poor location. Make sure your sign is in a good area, where people can easily see it. You might want to consider investing in some vehicle wraps so your message can be seen wherever your company vehicles go.

Work with our professionals!

Get the most bang for your buck by letting us create your custom signs in McClain County, OK. Sign It Up has over 15 years of experience creating signage for all sorts of businesses. From custom 3D signs to vehicle wraps, we can create the advertising collateral to help your business succeed.

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