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Use Vehicle Wraps to Promote Political Campaigns

Election years create a colorful landscape of yard signs, billboards and other campaign advertisements. Another possibility for campaigns in Newcastle, OK is political car wraps. This is less traditional, but has also proven effective for candidates and ballot measures. Here are five advantages to adding vehicle wraps to your political strategy:

  • New approach: Every candidate uses yard signs, billboards and social media accounts to get the word out on their platform. Car wraps are less common and more offbeat. Companies have used vehicle wraps for years to add names and trademarks to company vehicles and basically turn their fleet into a moving advertisement. The same effect can work for a campaign. If you go with a full wrap, you offer larger designs and more flash that can take your campaign to another level.
  • Easily removed: The main reason some customers are hesitant to purchase vehicle wraps is that they fear for their car’s paint job. However, there is no reason to be concerned. The wrap is a layer of vinyl that fits your vehicle like a second skin. While it is designed to last for years, the wrap is also removable once the campaign is over. The film does not leave adhesive residue or damage the vehicle. You can return vehicles to their original condition once election day has passed.
  • Works with your strategy: Vehicle wraps work well with yard signs and other decorative banners used to advertise a political campaign. Like a sign, the wrap can include contact information and social media information to attract followers. Unlike a sign, a vehicle wrap reaches more voters because it is not stagnant. In fact, vehicle advertising is estimated to generate 30,000 to 70,000 additional impressions per day in a larger city. The sign goes to the voters, rather than the other way around, and that increases name recognition and awareness.
  • No impact from local ordinances: There are rules about signage and where you can post it. These same rules also apply to the size of signs, so you always have to be careful as to their design. Vehicle wraps do not face the same limitations. You can turn a car into a sizable billboard without breaking any zoning laws. When it is time to take down signs for election days, using a vehicle wrap gives you a few less places to track to ensure you get all the signs.
  • Design options: There are options with wraps that may not be available in signs of the same size. You can include the campaign logo or colors, but also photographs and other eye-catching graphics. There is more room for text, so you can include the elected position, location, election date, social media information and the campaign website. The sheer area of a car offers a canvas that is not possible with a mere yard sign.

If you seek political car wraps in Newcastle, OK, Sign It Up is here for you. We offer a full package that includes design and application of the wrap. Contact us today to get a quote.

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