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What Is the Difference Between Partial Wraps and Vinyl Lettering?

You’ve likely seen company vehicles with letters or logos plastered on the sides. Businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of industries put their company’s name, logo and contact information on their cars, trucks, vans or SUVs. These graphics are known as partial wraps or vinyl lettering. While they’re similar, there is a difference between partial wraps and vinyl lettering.

Here’s an overview on the difference between partial wraps and vinyl lettering.

Partial wraps vs lettering

First, what’s a partial wrap? A partial wrap is a graphic that’s partially wrapped around a vehicle. They’re essentially large, vinyl stickers that can be placed on any surface. Everything from the front bumper to the rear window can be wrapped with these colorful stickers. Partial wraps typically include a company’s name, logo, phone number, website or even a QR code.

While partial wraps look like a custom paint job, vinyl lettering is just letters placed on a small area of the vehicle. Companies who opt for vinyl lettering often just put their company’s name, contact info and maybe even a short slogan.

Which is better?

You know what a partial wrap is and what vinyl lettering is, but is a partial wrap better than vinyl lettering? That depends on a few different factors. Here are some things to consider before investing in either one:

  • Cost: The first thing to consider is your budget. Partial wraps are much more expensive than simple lettering; however, they do make your vehicle stand out while you’re driving down the road. Vinyl lettering may need to be replaced over time, though, which gets expensive. High-quality partial wraps are just a one-time investment.
  • Impressions: As long as they’re done right, partial wraps give your business thousands of impressions each year. They stand out from every other vehicle on the road, so drivers are sure to see and remember your vehicle. Vinyl lettering is much smaller, so it has a much smaller impact on your business.
  • Advertising: Both vinyl lettering and partial wraps provide advertising for your company wherever you drive, but if you’re really trying to get your name out there, we recommend going with a partial wrap instead of simple vinyl lettering. The business your wrap will bring in can offset its initial installation cost in just a few months.
  • Size: The final thing to consider is the overall size of the wrap compared to vinyl lettering. Since it covers the majority of your vehicle, a partial wrap is much bigger than lettering, which is usually only found on one or two sides of a truck. With this larger size comes more impressions but also a higher up-front cost.

Sign It Up can meet your needs

Whether you’re choosing to go with vehicle lettering or a partial wrap, be sure to work with our pros at Sign It Up. We guarantee fast turnaround time and fair pricing for all of our vehicle wrap and lettering services. Give us a call today to get a free quote or to further discuss the difference between partial wraps and vinyl lettering.

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