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What Kind of Safety Signs and Labels Do I Need to Have for My Business?

Signs with safety information, instructions and warnings are important to have on site at any business location. Different types of businesses will, of course, have different types of hazards, so it’s important to make sure you’ve covered all potential safety risks with your signage so you can alert anyone on the premises to the dangers to which they may be exposed.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has several main categories of safety signs and labels that should be used in your McClain County, OK workplace: Danger, Warning and Caution. Each of these types of signs will be used for specific scenarios.

Danger signs are used in areas with high risk levels. According to OSHA, areas with Danger signs should have an immediate danger, requiring special precautions to avoid loss of life or serious injury. These signs must be white with red or black lettering or diagrams.

Warning signs are used in areas where hazards are not as immediate or severe as in Danger sign areas. There may be potential for serious injury or death, but it is not imminent. These signs must be orange or white with black lettering or diagrams.

Caution signs are used in areas with some concern for minor or moderate injury. These signs must be yellow or white with black letters or diagrams.

Choosing the right signs for your workplace

Consider the types of dangers that legitimately exist in your workplace as you select the printed safety signs you will use. An industrial manufacturing facility in McClain County, OK, for example, is much more likely to have areas of extreme danger than a standard office space. Think about which signs are appropriate for your workplace based on the levels of danger that are present. A sign printer and retailer will understand OSHA signage requirements for your type of workplace and can answer any questions you have.

Once you’ve selected the proper signs for your workplace, make sure you’ve mounted them in areas that are visible to workers, without causing any obstruction. There are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for mounting these types of signs, but the most important thing is to make sure signs that warn of dangers are placed in areas where they can actually be seen and heeded.

Make sure all of your employees and workers are aware of the proper procedures and guidelines for areas on your premises with these hazards, and that they have been trained in those procedures and carry them out every single day.

Safety signs are highly useful and beneficial in that they help to keep workers alerted to potential dangers and can keep them safe and functional, but they can also serve as a guide for the working environment and provide useful directions to customers as well as employees. They also help to break language barriers—certain “warning” symbols go beyond written or spoken language and are universally understood.

For more information about choosing printed safety signs for your business property, contact Sign It Up. Our trusted sign shop in McClain County, OK would be glad to answer any questions you have.

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