When to Change or Update Your Vehicle Wrap

Unlike expensive billboard ads or TV commercials, vehicle wraps are a cost-effective and long-term form of marketing, turning everywhere you drive into advertising space to attract the attention of new potential customers. Proper installation will maximize the lifespan of your wrap, but there are many factors that can determine when you need to replace it. Here are a few things to keep in mind about updating your vehicle’s vinyl wrap in McClain County, OK.

Longevity of a vinyl wrap

No two vehicle wraps will have the exact same lifespan. There are simply far too many factors that could affect longevity, such as sun exposure, climate and vehicle maintenance. Understandably, vinyl wraps on vehicles that endure more wear and tear may only last for a couple of years. However, a simple habit like parking in the shade can add one or two years to the vehicle wrap’s lifespan. A vinyl wrap can typically last about five years, which could be extended to seven or more years with lighter use and greater care.

The installation process is critical in determining how long a vehicle wrap will last. If it’s improperly installed to begin with, it’ll be more susceptible to peeling, getting dirty and wearing down. Any money you’ll save upfront with a hasty job will end up costing you when you have to replace your vehicle wrap earlier than expected.

Preserving a vinyl wrap

Keeping your vehicle clean and minimizing sun exposure as much as possible will extend the lifespan of your vinyl wrap. Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can also cause damage to the wrap, so it’s best to park your vehicle in a covered or enclosed space if the option is available.

Extra care must be taken when washing your vehicle in order to avoid damaging the wrap. As convenient as automated car washes may be, washing your vehicle by hand is much gentler on the wrap. Always use a non-abrasive cleaner, and avoid using strong solvents and scrubbing too hard.

Relevance of a vinyl wrap advertisement

Even if your vinyl wrap is in pristine condition, there could still be compelling reasons for a refresh. Maybe your messaging has gotten stale, or the graphics are looking a little outdated. Perhaps your business’ brand has outgrown what it used to be when you first got the vinyl wrap. You could also just be looking for an easy and eye-catching change to help your business stand out from the rest. Your vehicle wrap doesn’t have to be wearing down for you to replace it. In fact, it’s better to update it before it gets to that point in order to keep your business looking polished and professional.

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