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Best Ideas for Temporary Signage

If you are planning an event, whether it’s business-related, a holiday party, a charity fundraiser, a race or something else, temporary signage is probably something you’ll need to consider. Temporary advertising is a powerful tool when marketing events, and it requires different kinds of signage than something more permanent.

Where some signs are meant to last, temporary signage is made to be more affordable and to convey more specific information like the time and date of your event. If your event or business opening is taking place in McClain County, OK or the greater Oklahoma City area, reach out to Sign It Up for all your temporary signage needs. Here’s a closer look at some of the best options for temporary signs.


Posters are great as temporary advertising for events, but they can also be useful in pop-up displays, conference or trade show booths and more. They’re great for both indoor announcements like sales inside retail stores, and for outdoor temporary advertising for events when placed properly. This is a very popular choice for temporary signage, since posters are affordable, portable and easy to set up.

A-frame signs

Also known as sandwich boards, everyone has seen A-frame signs at events or in front of businesses. They are a great form of temporary signage when you need to provide useful information to guide customers through a crowd or into a building. They are foldable, which means they’re very portable for temporary advertising in different places. Order A-frame signs for your business for seasonal promotions, or for community events, conferences and trade shows.

Floor decals and window graphics

There are many kinds of floor decals that can last up to three years on cement, tile, brick or even carpet in retail settings. But these are also a great option for temporary signage, directing the flow of traffic at events and telling customers or attendees where to find what they’re looking for. Window graphics are another kind of sign that works great as something more or less permanent, or as temporary signage for advertising events or promotions in McClain County, OK. Most window graphics are simple peel-and-place signs, easy to move around where you need them. They are a great alternative to posters when you don’t have much wall space to work with.


Banners are probably what most people think of when they think about temporary signage. There are endless options for banners, which can be vinyl, fabric or mesh and can be displayed as tablecloths, freestanding or hung. They are a bold, attention-grabbing form of temporary advertising or event announcement.

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