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Different Ways That Floor Decals Can Benefit Your Business

All enterprises require effective signage to help promote their brands and products and help clients find what they need quickly. This is why companies and retailers try to use different kinds of signage on their premises. One of the fastest-growing business signage trends today is floor decals.

What Are Floor Decals?
Floor decals are also known as floor graphics, and this is the type of signage that takes advantage of the untapped potential of the floor space within a business’s premises to get the intended message across. Basically, it works like any other signage, with the primary difference being that these floor decals are mounted on the floor.

How Long Do They Last?

It’s likely that when you learned that this particular signage is mounted on the floor, you became concerned about its longevity. It’s no secret that the floor is usually the harshest environment within a company’s premises. However, floor graphics are sufficiently durable given their situation as they have an average lifespan of six months depending on the various factors. These factors include:

  • The amount of activity, like foot traffic, they have been exposed to
  • Whether they are installed indoors or outdoors
  • The floor’s material and condition
  • The material of the floor decal
  • How expertly the graphic was installed
  • The level of maintenance for the graphics

It would be best to replace your floor decals as soon as their edges start curling and peeling. This is because they can cause a tripping accident for the foot traffic using the floor. Additionally, ensure you remove the floor graphics as you notice significant scratches, defects, and fading on its surface.

Why Choose Floor Deals?

  • An outstanding ability to capture customer attention: This is because they are placed in an unexpected location. Moreover, since the floor graphics are placed right under the customer’s noses, they are almost impossible to miss.
  • Add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to a business premise: Most floor graphics contain optical illusions, humorous messages, and striking custom designs, which work to add character to the premises and lighten the mood inside.
  • Effective for providing directions: Besides sharing a message with the customers, floor decals can also be shaped to indicate the direction to a particular section of the premises to the customer. This can help reduce crowd bottlenecks, label entries and exits, and guide customers through a new store layout.
  • A cost-effective advertising solution: Keeping a business’s operation costs low is key to realizing profits. While other advertising options cost significantly more, floor graphics provide a low-cost, effective advertising solution.
  • Provides versatile advertising possibilities: Since this is a low-cost marketing option, you can have a lot of flexibility over what you want to advertise. All you need to do is install new floor decals to get a new advertisement to the customers.

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