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Great Event Sign Ideas for Your Next Event

At an event like a convention, it’s sometimes hard to make your booth stand out from the dozens or even hundreds of others. Many people invest in promotional items like pens, stickers, magnets and more—but sometimes that isn’t enough.

A great way to get people to stop at your booth is with a good banner or a similar type of signage. This might leave you wondering how to make a banner, though it’s usually best to have a professional make one for you.

Signs and banners are helpful for more than just promoting a business. They can also promote the event as a whole, provide directions around the event area and much more.

Read on for some great event sign ideas to get you started:

  • Banners: As mentioned above, banners are a great way of promoting your business or event. If you’re wondering how to make a banner, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to size and design. You can easily customize a banner to match the style of your business. Banners are also great ways of promoting events like concerts and festivals.
  • Entry signs: You don’t want guests having trouble finding your event. Entry signs assure guests that they’re in the right place. These types of signs also show a level of professionalism. Like banners, entry signs are very easy to customize. If you’re hosting an event with a serious tone, consider a low-key banner with an elegant font and color scheme. For less serious events, you might want to go with a brightly-colored banner to show guests they’re in for a fun time.
  • Directional signs: Make sure guests don’t get lost while at your event by installing several directional signs. Directional signs will easily make guests feel comfortable by making your event easy to navigate. You might also want to install directional signs near the event to help guests find the entrance.
  • Booth displays: If you’re looking to promote your individual business, you’ll need a good booth display. No one is going to want to stop at a booth that looks drab and boring. Bringing in the right display can add a touch of life to any booth. Standing out is important, especially when taking part in an event with a multitude of other people trying to promote their businesses.
  • Signs to keep people out of certain areas: Running an event takes a lot of work. You don’t want to worry about people accidentally entering closed-off locations. Implementing proper signage will help ensure that people stay out of hazardous and other off-limit areas of the event space.

If you’re looking to promote and welcome people to your next event, consider investing in banners and other signage. Good banners and signage will get people excited about your event, which is why it’s important to have them professionally made.

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