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How Effective Are Car Magnets for Small Business?

All small businesses must have effective marketing strategies to bring new customers into their fold and garner conversions and profits. The question of using car magnets may arise as you evaluate different strategies for your business. Here’s some information about car magnets and their effectiveness in marketing strategies. 

What Are Car Magnets?

In short, car magnets are signs and images crafted of 30 mil magnetic material. Users place the magnets on their vehicles to advertise their business to various onlookers and passersby. Some companies also hand out car magnets to their customers as a promotional effort. 

What Do Business Magnets Do?

Business magnets act as attention grabbers and reminders. A well-designed car magnet can potentially attract the eyes of onlookers and encourage them to read further. Once the onlookers become captivated by the magnet, they absorb information about the respective business and its services. That information gets embedded into their minds to think about contacting the business when they need the services it offers. 

The Benefits of Using Car Magnets

Many benefits come from using car magnets to gain new prospects. One benefit is reach. Car magnets ultimately go everywhere the drivers go. Thus, a frequent driver can indirectly advertise a business in towns, counties and states where the establishment may not yet be popular. 

Car magnets are also inexpensive choices. A business owner can contact a reputable signage company and order bulk magnets for an affordable price. Then, each customer or business associate who takes a magnet can be quite effective in getting the word out to consumers. 

Versatility is another core benefit of using car magnets. The manufacturers can design them using a variety of styles and sizes tailored to the buyer’s preferences. Design experts can assist with making the overall message loud and clear as well. 

Furthermore, car magnet advertising is autonomous. No one has to say a word to get the point across because the magnet advertisement speaks for itself. 

How Effective Is Car Magnet Advertising?

Magnetic signs are popular with small businesses because of their documented level of effectiveness. One study indicated that 90 percent of people who see marketing messages on cars remember them well. They are similar to refrigerator magnets, except they’re visible to a much higher number of people. Thus, they not only remind the magnet owner of the business he or she should seek, but they also remind anyone who comes in contact with that person’s car. Therefore, a refrigerator magnet may effectively attract five to 10 new customers, while a car magnet can potentially bring in hundreds. 

Should You Use Car Magnets for Your Business?

Business magnets are worth considering during your marketing brainstorming sessions. They’re great options for a small business that doesn’t have a huge budget. You can also try them without suffering a huge loss if you find them ineffective. Thus, it may be worth it to consult with a provider like Sign It Up to discuss your options. 

Car magnets are an affordable way to test a new promotional strategy. You can use it with other marketing efforts and measure its effectiveness over time. You may see highly favorable results. 

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