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How to Help Your Banner Stand Out

When designing business signs and business banners, it’s crucial that they stand out. People are constantly bombarded with advertising, from radio and TV to podcasts, billboards, banners and vehicle wraps. It’s inescapable—so if you want your banner to be the one that sticks in a customer’s mind, you’ll need to plan your design carefully.

Here are some tips to help you with the process of designing an eye-catching business banner:

  • Know why you’re getting a banner: The first step in making a banner that stands out is to know why you want it in the first place. Are you advertising a grand opening? Is this a temporary business sign until your permanent marquee can be installed? Are you directing traffic to a major event or festival? The answers to these questions will guide your design choices.
  • Consider location: Think about where you plan to hang this banner. Will it be at the top of a building, at eye level or at ground level? What do the surroundings look like? What’s the weather like, and how far away will it be from passersby? This helps you choose your colors and size for maximum impact.
  • Keep it simple: There’s only so much a person can absorb when driving or walking past, so it’s important to keep it simple. Make sure the most important information is predominantly displayed in large fonts or images.
  • Choose your colors carefully: Pick colors that work with your branding but also stand out from their surroundings. If you plan to hang your banner on the front of a neutral-colored building, pick bright colors that will stand out. However, make sure the colors are easy on the eyes and readable. For example, the human eye can’t focus on red and blue at the same time. Your message will get lost when you use red text on a blue background.
  • Stick with simple fonts: Similarly, your fonts should be as simple as possible. Readability is key, especially if the banner will be hung in a fast-moving, high-traffic area.
  • Use only high-quality images: There’s nothing worse than a great banner with blurry, pixelated images. Use scalable, high-quality images like vectors. This will allow you to print in any size or format.
  • Create a focal point: When it comes to design, you need one major focal point. This is what will catch your customer’s eye and make them look twice. If you’re trying to accomplish too much with one banner, the most important information can get lost.
  • Work with a reputable print shop: Finally, make sure you work with a reputable print shop. Look for a local business that uses high-quality print materials, will assist you in the design and has reasonable rates.

Designing and printing custom business banners and signs is a smart way to attract attention—but only if you follow the tips above. If you need help designing your business banner, get in touch with the team at Sign It Up. We’ll help you create the perfect banner for your needs.

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