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How to Use Decals for Car Advertising

Advertising is fascinating, because it’s always evolving. Every generation finds a new medium to get the word out about their products, and the internet and social media have proven to be a real boost to the current landscape.

However, familiar mediums are sometimes still some of the best and most effective ways to get your message across. For example, car decals in McClain County, OK are a great way to turn your car or truck into a mobile billboard for your business. You can even have them applied to your personal vehicle—you’ll reach hundreds of people every day just by going about your business and running errands. Using decals for car advertising is hardly revolutionary, but it can be effective for a few reasons.

Inexpensive and easy

Car decals in McClain County, OK usually come in a few different types. There are removable magnets that you can easily take off after business hours, but there are also options that will cling to the exterior of your vehicle. Choosing which you want is really just a matter of preference—they’re both inexpensive and relatively easy to remove.

Vehicle decals can include a variety of information, but less is usually more if you’re going for a basic look. For starters, you want to include your company name, how customers can contact you, your URL and what type of business you are. All of this will help customers know instantly how to get a hold of you if they’re in the market for your services.

Make a lasting impression

One of the great things about car advertising in McClain County, OK is that it really lets you get your creative juices flowing. You want your business and your branding to be memorable, and the advertising aspect is a great way to do this. If you can think of a clever way to show off your trade, you might get an uptick in interest on social media and drive more business. A famous example of this is a plumber whose truck has a cartoon decal that appears to show him sitting on a toilet! If you saw that, you’d likely never forget it, and we can help you achieve a similarly memorable advertisement on your car.

Vehicle wraps

One of the more audacious decal options is called a wrap—basically, your entire car, truck or even a whole fleet can be wrapped in vinyl decals that cover the whole vehicle. This has no adverse effect on your paint job—it can be thought of as a temporary measure—and it gives you a cohesive appearance that can really look sharp.

If this sounds like it might be too much for your taste, there’s also such a thing as a partial wrap, wherein we just wrap a portion of the vehicle with these decals. These wraps are both scratch and chemical resistant, and can even resist the normal fading that can come along with sun exposure.

Working with decals and wraps is a relatively inexpensive way to turn your car or truck into an advertisement that reaches hundreds of eyeballs every day. If you have an idea in mind or want to hear more about how your company can stand out from the crowd, give the team at Sign It Up a call today!

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