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Retractable Banners and Stands

Retractable Banners and Stands Bring the Message with You

It is possible to take your marketing appeals with you to special events and tradeshows to broaden your advertising reach. Retractable banners and stands make it possible to turn any small and open space into an effective marketing tool. The locations and types of events that attract people help to better target your messaging.

How Retractable Banners and Stands Work

A retractable banner is one that you can roll up and carry in a small container while traveling to a special event or another location. Upon arrival, you can unroll the retractable banner and use the portable stand to hold it in place.

What once was an empty space becomes a potentially potent marketing tool with your strategically placed banner and stand. Mobility ranks high among the many benefits of retractable banners and stands.

How to Measure the Marketing Effect

You can quantify the benefits of retractable banners and stands by tracking the numbers of impressions and inquiries that they generate.

Impressions could be measured simply by counting the number of people who stop to look at it. You also could keep track of any references that people make regarding the banner.

If an email address or website URL is listed on the banner, the number of messages received or visits to the website could help measure effectiveness. Using a special URL or email could more narrowly focus on the effect of the retractable banner.

Retractable Banner and Stand FAQ

The following are some commonly asked retractable banners and stand FAQs and useful answers to those questions.

Where should a brand logo go?

At or near the top of the retractable banner is the ideal location for your brand logo. People can see it on the horizon and from a reasonable distance, which helps to draw them closer to the banner.

How much text is ideal?

The text needs to be short and direct. You want to focus on the benefits of whatever you are promoting. A phone number, email address, or website URL could help. The idea is to pique interest and compel people to seek more information.

What is a good size for a retractable banner?

If a banner is too small, it will not catch people’s attention. If it is too large, it will not fit in as many spaces. So a banner that is a bit taller and wider than a human being is a good size to use.

Does banner color matter?

All banners should be colorful and eye-catching. You might have a particular trade dress that includes a particular color combination. A banner that uses your trade colors can help to promote your brand.

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