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The History of Banner Printing

You might not know it when looking at those digital billboards along the highway, but banner printing and signage have an interesting history that dates back to the early days of man. Each era utilized banners in different ways, including as advertisements, warnings and ways to share information. Much trial and error was experienced before modern banner printing started to form. Now, there are professional banner printing companies located all over the globe, including right here in McClain County, OK.

Cave paintings

Cave paintings date back over 44,000 years and appear in a multitude of areas. These primitive drawings were created by early humans and are known for depicting animals, human silhouettes and more. You may not consider cave paintings an actual form of banner printing, but they were visuals used to convey information and symbolize the feelings of a particular artist.

Ancient Roman and medieval banners

Ancient Rome utilized signage and banner printing to represent armies. These types of banners were called vexillum and would usually feature the Roman goddess named Victoria. They were usually red and yellow in color, with tassels hanging off the bottom. Banners in ancient Rome could were made from cloth, stone, wood and several other materials.

In medieval times, banners were also often used to represent fighters and could feature a coat of arms and family crests. Banners were also created and used by shopkeepers to draw people into their businesses. These banners would often feature a piece of art along with the name of the business.

Feudal Japan and their use of banners

Beginning in the late 1100s, the feudal period of Japan was marked by plenty of unrest and war. As in ancient Rome and medieval Europe, soldiers in feudal Japan often used banners to represent who they were. Early Japanese signs and banners were also often used to convey messages.

The beginnings of modern banners

Businesses and their marketing needs led to more production of signs and banners. Billboards began to gain popularity in the early 1800s. The quality of banners greatly improved around World War II, when new materials allowed signs to last longer and be more affordable.

Modern banners and signs

In modern times, signs and banners are used by many people for a multitude of different reasons. Just look outside and you might see a sign or two, be it a leasing ad for your apartment or a sign representing a political candidate. The modernization of banner printing has made it quick and easy to create a sign that advertises your business, adds some personality to your home or helps convey your beliefs.

When designing a modern banner, you are allowed to be as creative as you want and can often do most of it from your own computer. There are also plenty of experts in banner printing, who you can easily talk to about your needs. A reputable banner printing company will be able to provide you with the right information as well as an estimate.

Sign It Up is one of the premier banner printing companies in McClain County, OK, and we’re proud of the role we play in extended large format printing history into the future. Contact us today for an estimate.

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