The Multiple Purposes of Plexiglass

Plexiglass is commonly used in commercial signs, retail barriers, displays and more. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, businesses are using plexiglass in a number of practical ways. The clear acrylic plastic is perfect for allowing a business’s customers and employees to interact, while protecting them from airborne particles.

Here’s how businesses are using plexiglass today:

  • Signage: Plexiglass signs have long been popular, since they’re so versatile. At Sign It Up, we can create custom plexiglass signs that allow you to show off your business’s logo, name or other images. They’re eye-catching, but since they’re also clear, they won’t overwhelm your interior aesthetic. In fact, you can add your design to any plexiglass product for a truly custom look.
  • Product displays: Plexiglass is a great choice for product displays, especially when you want to call attention to the product itself, and nothing more. The display will visually recede into the background, so the eye is drawn to the object. They’re also virtually indestructible, making them a great choice for stores and trade shows alike.
  • Barriers for registers and counters: Since the pandemic began, most businesses have been paying more attention to how airborne illnesses spread. Sneeze guards have long been used in food service, but now they’re ubiquitous in nearly every restaurant, retail facility, school, office and more. The glass-clear acrylic plastic lets a business’s employees and customers interact, while still protecting them from airborne transmission.
  • In between restaurant tables: Similarly, when you go out to eat, there’s always the possibility that the table next to you will pass on a nasty illness. Even when outdoor dining is available, patrons may not be fully comfortable being so close to other people. Plexiglass barriers are a great way to block most of the inter-table airflow.
  • Throughout waiting rooms: Waiting rooms also make the most of plexiglass barriers. These are especially useful in doctors’ offices, where it’s likely that a significant number of patients are ill already. Placing barriers between chairs can offer your patients a sense of comfort and safety while they’re waiting for their appointment to begin.
  • Between office desks: Finally, now that we’re all going back to the office, putting barriers between desks is a good way to prevent airborne transmission. Since they’re clear, you’ll still get the benefit of “face time” and visual interaction—but with less chance of catching a nasty cold or other illness.

These are just a few of the ways businesses are using plexiglass. Since it’s easy to produce, inscribe and use, there are plenty of other innovative ways you can make use of this versatile material.

When you need custom plexiglass signs, be sure to talk to the team at Sign It Up. We can help you design and create plexiglass signs, which can be used for barriers, displays and more. Whether you already have a vision in mind or need help figuring out what’s possible, our staff is happy to help. Call or stop by today to get started with a consultation and receive a quote.

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