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Unusual Uses for Yard Signs

Nowadays, we’re all looking for ways to adapt our lives to the current reality by taking proper precautions like abiding by social distancing recommendations. For a lot of people, this means spending more time outside. Since outdoor space is being used so much, consider incorporating these creative uses for yard signs in McClain County, OK.

Drive-by parades

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging to gather with our loved ones, a little ingenuity can go a long way to help you find new and safe ways to catch up with family and friends in person. It might not be the same as it once was, but it’s still possible to safely celebrate momentous milestones with a few modifications.

A drive-by parade is a great and memorable alternative to traditional celebrations like baby showers, birthday parties and family functions. Since guests can’t go inside the home, decorate the front lawn with yard signs instead. The organizer can also encourage well-wishers to decorate their vehicles, in addition to bringing signs of their own instead of traditional cards and adding the signs to the yard.

Send a message

With the increased pedestrian traffic of people going on walks and getting fresh air, your lawn can become your canvas for distributing positivity. A yard sign can be a great way to express support for members of the community like frontline workers and educators. You could also use a yard sign for a humorous or lighthearted message to brighten someone’s day.

Businesses in McClain County, OK could benefit from adding custom printed yard signs as well. Putting instructions and reminders for COVID-19 safety guidelines on yard signs will prevent customers from crowding around and blocking the entrance. Signs are also a great way to display QR codes that could direct customers to more information, such as a menu or a website.

Signage design tips and considerations

If you have a lot of information that you’d like to convey on a yard sign, keep in mind that people might only be able to give it a quick glance, especially if they’re driving. Pare down your message to as few words as possible. This makes your sign easier to read, and it also ensures that there is plenty of blank space to keep your sign uncluttered.

The key to an effective sign is to keep it simple and legible. Use high contrast colors so your message pops, while avoiding certain combinations that will be challenging to differentiate for those who are colorblind. Stick to fonts that are easy to read, like Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman. If you’re still finding that your sign is too difficult to read, you can always make it bigger in order to incorporate all of the design elements you want.

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