Where Should You Place Political Campaign Signs?

It’s that time of year once more. The summer is beginning to fade into fall, and political hopefuls across the United States are launching campaigns for public office. As 2020 is a presidential election year, we’re bound to be inundated with political ads both great and small, venomous and respectful. While the big boys (and girls) shell out major money on TV commercials and internet ads, local campaigns often employ different tactics. One of the most popular is campaign signs.

Political campaign signs in McClain County, OK are an essential part of any election cycle. The only question is, how and when should you deploy them?

Increase name recognition

By the time November rolls around, Americans likely won’t have much trouble remembering the names of Joe Biden or Donald Trump. When you shift the focus from President of the United States to the local city council, though, the name recognition drops significantly. In these cases, an ample supply of campaign signs can draw voters’ eyes and plant your name in their brains.

That way, come election day, yours isn’t just another on a list of unfamiliar names. It’s immediately recognizable, and the voter is therefore more inclined to vote for you. Yard signs can work wonders in areas where the candidate may not be well known.

Improve voter share

The jury is still out about whether promotional campaign signs in McClain County, OK can increase voter turnout in a candidate’s favor. That said, there is evidence to suggest that in areas where a candidate has a high volume of campaign signs, their share of the vote can increase. That’s good news for local candidates running in potentially tight races.

Don’t waste time trying to put up your signs everywhere. It’s often more beneficial to put up thick clusters of signs in areas of strategic importance.

Let your fans speak for you

Here’s a hypothetical. A young couple has just moved into a new neighborhood, months shy of a local election. They don’t have much frame of reference regarding the local political scene. However, across the street, there’s a lovely older couple who have been helpful to the new couple and who have pronounced political beliefs. The neighbors may not ever have a political discussion of any kind. Still, when the older couple places political campaign signs on their lawn, it will have an undeniable impact on the first-time voters across the street.

That’s a genuine and statistically-proven possibility. When you create your campaign signs, it can be worthwhile to make it known that some are available for free to anyone willing to put them up in their yard.

Get a leg up on the campaign

Get the most out of your political campaign signs in McClain County, OK with help from Sign It Up. Our talented team of designers can help you craft the perfect eye-catching design for your signs. Your voice deserves to be heard, and we’re ready and waiting to make sure it rings out. Pick up the phone and get the ball rolling today. We can’t wait to help you!

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