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Why Political Campaigns Need Yard Signs

It’s another election year, and even in the digital age, political yard signs remain important in Newcastle, OK. That’s why you still see them in yards, on telephone poles and even in the windows of local businesses. In fact, even with the advent of websites and social media, the use of yard signs for political causes quadrupled between 1984 and 2012. Here are five reasons why your campaign needs to invest in yard signs:

  • More votes: Campaigns using yard signs gain two percent more votes than their competition. While this seems insignificant, think of how many elections are super close these days—the winning candidate may be determined by a recount and only a few hundred votes. If you face a close race, yard signs can make the difference between a victory or a concession speech.
  • Name recognition: For ballot measures, seeing a sign encourages voters to research the issue and perhaps decide in your favor. The same is true with names—while you may think no one votes in school board elections, you can drum up interest by plastering yard signs among your candidates’ supporters. Also, you can add a high-tech element to a low-tech solution—print QR codes on your signs so passing visitors can quickly scan it and visit your website or social media page.
  • Supporter involvement: Your supporters love to advertise for you. Politics has evolved into something like competitive sports in that people really want their candidates or issues to win. This makes them more willing to order a sign and display it proudly in their yard. For a campaign, this is a low-cost advertising strategy. You can also make signs an incentive to volunteer—rather than require a donation to give a supporter a sign, ask that they volunteer a few hours to the campaign. This also involves supporters who may not have the funds to donate but can offer their time.
  • Low cost: Signs are one of the least expensive ways to gain notoriety. Even if signs are vandalized or stolen, you still gain in terms of name recognition and extra votes. Also, when you buy them in bulk, you save money. Our advice is to design a campaign with a set number of signs and order them once. Besides saving money by buying in volume, you are less likely to focus on replacing stolen or damaged signs and instead keep spreading them out to cover as much campaign territory as possible.
  • Presence: Signs can include campaign colors to make them distinguishable, as well as catchy slogans. As mentioned above, they can also include links to social media and online resources as well as telephone numbers if you are recruiting volunteers. While people may limit their social media time or turn off devices at night, they are always walking or driving through neighborhoods or business districts. Signs are a communication device that is never turned off and always advancing your campaign.

Sign It Up in Newcastle, OK offers printing services for yard signs of all types, including political yard signs. Attract the support of your constituents and advertise your campaign by calling us today to create your signage.

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