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Window Graphics Can Help Your Business Grow

Everyone knows about both the traditional means of advertising (e.g., TV, radio, newspapers, etc.) as well as the new (i.e., social media). But many business owners forget that their very own buildings can play a valuable role in increasing the visibility of their work, including by using their often-overlooked windows.

Window graphics are a visually appealing and dynamic way to show off your building to passersby and customers alike.

Read on for some more tips on the opportunity that your exterior can present, as well as insight into the many benefits of window graphics:

●      Low cost: Window graphics are, first and foremost, quite affordable. Depending on the materials selected and the complexity of the design, the price can fluctuate, but you’re probably talking about the same amount that a social media ad could buy. In that particular equation, the advantage of window graphics is that they will last far longer than any Facebook event.

●      No permits: If you were considering some sort of permanent indicator of your business, like a billboard or a sign, then window graphics could be far simpler from a red tape perspective. Permits for things like signs can be a nightmare depending on the city you’re in, and it’s usually much easier to have window graphics instead that serve much the same purpose.

●      Flexibility: Because they’re so inexpensive and easy to apply, one of the benefits of window graphics is that they can be quite flexible. If you want to update them for frequent seasonal sales or new advertising campaigns, then it’s entirely possible to do so at a surprisingly-low cost.

●      Length of service: On the other hand, if you decide on a design or look that you love, then the longevity of window graphics can actually be quite surprising. They can withstand the sun and the elements for years, so you can really get some long-term bang for your buck if that’s what you’re after.

●      Double the impact: One of the nice advancements in the graphics field is the double-sided window treatment. It’s now possible to have two separate messages on either side of your business’s windows. Picture an exterior treatment drawing the customers in and an interior one providing ambience and directions. You’re basically doubling your impact—all for a low price.

●      Generate buzz: Since window graphics see so much foot traffic, they can be a chance to really build some curiosity and buzz around your business, a sale or even a product launch. One of the benefits of window graphics is that they can really let you get creative without requiring true commitment. Your quirky, irreverent or revolutionary ad campaign can live on your windows for as long as you’d like.

All in all, window graphics can give your business a real dose of fun, creativity and buzz—all for an affordable price. Our graphics professionals at Sign It Up can walk you through all of your treatment options while also giving you more insight into the benefits of window graphics, so get in touch today.

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